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観音画家 木綿花 Kannon Painter Youka Kokotama



Youka Kokotama 

Kannon Painter based in Kamakura, Japan

Youka was born in Tokyo.

Youka studied at Boston University in her first year, and transferred to New York University. She graduated from New York University (BFA) in 2011 with an honor.
Spending time away from Japan, Youka began to see her own country from a different perspective. This led to her greater interests in her own Japanese culture, tradition, religion, and way of thinking. She was touched especially by old Buddhism sculptures of Kannon (Bodhisattva), which have long been loved, treasured and passed down through the history. Kannon has become her important source of inspiration.
In 2013, Youka began her career as a painter specializing in contemporary Buddhist painting. She held her first solo exhibition in Tokyo, followed with Kamakura, Kyoto, New York, Shiga, Yokohama, and Nara.
With a rich, colorful palette and keenly expressive sensibility, Youka depicts Kannon (Bodhisattva) with the spirit of prayer and harmony that seek to transcend Buddhism as a concept.
Youka also creates interesting artwork, which she named “kokotama”. It is made of wood and painted with acrylic paints. Kokotama is in a shape of Chintamani in Buddhism, and also a shape of peach that believed to ward off evil spirits in Shinto. The shape could also be seen as a flower bud or water droplet. Youka hopes kokotama to be the artwork that represents a jewel of people’s heart.


2011年、Bachelor of Fine Arts (美術学士) を習得しNEW YORK UNIVERSITYを優等で卒業。

2014年の初個展をスタートに表参道、鎌倉、京都、滋賀、奈良、ニューヨークなどで作品を発表している。お寺での個展や、様々な分野のアーティストとのコラボレーションにも積極的に取り組んでいる。 現在は自身のkokotama galleryを拠点に活動している。

木綿花 (ゆうか)



1988 – 東京で生まれる
2011 – New York University美術学士を優等で修了
2014 – 初個展「kokotama bosatsu」開催(青山、東京)
2015 – 「月鏡-tsukikagami-」展、個展「千早振る」開催( kokotama gallery、鎌倉)
2015 – ネパール ゴールデンテンプル奉納 (ネパール)
2016 – インド舞踏家の小野雅子 x 木綿花 コラボレーションイベント "天地 水の元"
           (円覚寺山内 佛日庵、鎌倉)
2016 – 木綿花展 「水の元」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2017 – 寺カフェ代官山 店内内装デザイン (代官山、東京)
2017 – 浄土真宗本願寺派 生田山 信行寺 春秋苑 青蓮堂蔵 「こころの中に」(東京)
2017 – 「心に響く現代の仏像・仏画展」 (京王プラザホテル、新宿、東京)
2017 – 木綿花展「息吹」(イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2017 – 「観音の光耀」(香老舗 松栄堂 京都本店、京都)
2017 – 浄住寺蔵 「慈しみ咲く」 依頼制作(葉室山 浄住寺、京都)
2018 – ニューヨーク 和技WAZA Concept Store 特別展示, Pleiades Gallery JCAT合同展(ニューヨーク)
2018 – 木綿花展 「あまねく」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2018 – 「INFINITY'S FLOWER/永遠の花」 詩x絵x音楽イベント(浄智寺、鎌倉)
2019 – 「国宝 東寺-空海と仏像曼荼羅」コラボ作品販売(東京国立博物館、東京)
2019 – 木綿花展「花結び」(高崎白衣大観音 観音山 慈眼院境内 一路堂カフェ、高崎)
2019 – 木綿花展 「月夜見 」 (Gallery+Sushi三郎寿司 あまね 横浜元町、横浜)
2019 – 木綿花展 「嘉辰令月 」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2020 – 木綿花展 「観音の彩光」&作品奉納 (総本山三井寺 国宝 金堂外陣、滋賀)
2020 – 木綿花展 「まばゆき時を」 (Gallery+Sushi三郎寿司 あまね 横浜元町、横浜)
2020 – 木綿花展 「泊瀬の観音花重ね」&作品奉納 (総本山長谷寺 本坊大講堂
2020 – 奈良蔦谷書店「仏像展」(奈良蔦谷書店 天平ギャラリー、奈良)
2021 – 観音画家 木綿花展「この蓮華咲くや」(松栄堂 薫習館、京都)
2021 – 木綿花展 「青の未来 」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2022 – 「暮らしに寄りそう仏たち 」 (GINZA ATRIUM GINZA SIX 銀座 蔦屋書店、東京)
2022 – 木綿花個展 「観音のゆらぎ 」 (MAIRUTO Salon、京都)
2022 –木綿花展 「実り」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)
2022 – 園城寺 第164代長吏 就任記念散華 (総本山三井寺、滋賀)
2023 – 高野山 天風てらす蔵「あまねく照らす」(高野山)
2023 – 真言宗立教開宗1200年記念展覧会「東寺 1200年の瞬き」展 ―観音画家・木綿花
          千手の瞬き、MAIRUTO 一年の瞬き― (真言宗総本山東寺、京都)
2023 – 木綿花展 「白妙」 (イスム 仏像ワールドギャラリー表参道、東京)

1988 – Bron in Tokyo
2011 – Graduated New York University with honor (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
2014 – First Solo Exhibition “kokotama bosatsu” (Aoyama, Tokyo)
2015 – Solo Exhibitions “Moon Mirror” & ”Chihayahuru” (kokotama gallery, Kamakura)
2015 – Dedicate a painting of White Tara to Golden Temple (Nepal)
2016 – Collaboration event with Odissi dancer, Masako Ono “Heaven and Earth, The Source” (Engakuji Temple, Kamakura)
2016 – Solo Exhibition “The Source” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2017 – Tera Cafe Daikanyama interior wall design (Tokyo)
2017 – Group Exhibition “Modern Buddhism Sculptures and Paintings that Resonate to Our Heart” (Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo)
2017 – Solo Exhibition “Ibuki” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2017 – Solo Exhibition “Light of Kannon” (Shoyeido Incense Kyoto Main Store, Kyoto)
2017 – Commission work “A Blooming Mercy” (Jojuji Temple, Kyoto)
2018 – Exhibition at WAZA Concept Store & Group Exhibition in Pleiades Gallery (New York)
2019 – Solo Exhibition “Amaneku” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2018 – PoetryxPaintingxMusic Event “INFINITY'S FLOWER” (Jochiji Temple, Kamakura)
2019 – Museum Shop “National Treasures of To-ji Temple”(Tokyo National Museum)
2019 – Solo Exhibition “Hana-musubi” (Takasaki Kannon Ichirodo Cafe, Gunma)
2019 – Solo Exhibition “Tsukuyomi” (Gallery+Sushi Saburo Sushi Amane, Yokohama)
2019 – Solo Exhibition “Auspicious” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2020 – Solo Exhibition “Brilliant Light of Kannon” (Onjoji Temple, Shiga)
2020 – Solo Exhibition “Dazzling Seasons” (Gallery+Sushi Saburo Sushi Amane, Yokohama )
2020 – Solo Exhibition “Blossoms of Hase Kannon” (Hase Temple, Nara)
2020 – Group Exhibition “Buddhism Sculpture Exhibition” (Tsutaya Book Store, Nara)
2021 – Solo Exhibition “Awakening Lotus” (Shoyeido Kunsyukan, Kyoto)
2021 – Solo Exhibition “Blue Maitreya” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2022 – Group Exhibition and Talk Event (Ginza Six Tsutaya Book Store, Tokyo)
2022 – Solo Exhibition “Fruitful” (Isumu Gallery, Tokyo)
2022 – 「Fluctuation of Kannon 」 Solo Exhibition at MAIRUTO SALON (Kyoto)
2023 – Commission work “Luminous Light” for Tempu Terrace (Koyasan)
2023 – Commemorating the 1200th Anniversary of the Founding of Shingon Buddhism. Special Exhibition “Toji Temple Blinking Lights Through 1200 Years” (Kyoto)
2023 – “White” Isumu Gallery (Omotesando, Tokyo)


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観音画家 木綿花 Kannon Painter Youka Kokotama

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