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​真言宗豊山派 総本山長谷寺

作品: ​「泊瀬の観音花重ね」

The Head Temple of Buzan Branch of Shingon Buddhism

Hase-dera Temple, Nara

Artwork: "Blossoms of Hase Kannon"


Tribute Artwork: "Blossoms of Hase Kannon"


Titile : 泊瀬の観音花重ね / Blossoms of Hase Kannon
Size : 1000mm x 830mm
Material : Acrylic on canvas

真言宗豊山派総本山 長谷寺さんでの個展開催のご縁で、ご本尊様の十一面観世音菩薩​様を描いた作品を奉納させていただきました。








In conjunction with a private exhibition at Hase-dera Temple, the head temple of the Buzan branch of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, I dedicated a work depicting the eleven-headed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Kannon, Goddess of Mercy), the principal deity of the temple.
Ever since my first visit to Hase-dera Temple, I have been captivated by its appearance, the flowers on its grounds, and the beautiful Kannon, prompting me to return to the temple many times.

The main image of the eleven-headed Kannon is one of the largest wooden Buddhas in Japan, standing 39 feet high (about 12 meters). If I were to paint this Kannon, I would aim to capture its size and imposing, powerful figure on the canvas.

Hase-dera Temple is also a temple of flowers, where visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Especially famous are the peonies that bloom in May. When in full bloom, visitors are greeted by many peonies blooming on both sides of the stairway up the temple. The temple's main hall is located at the top of a stairway that gradually rises to a height where a large statue of the eleven-faced Kannon stands before you.


The wind blowing through the hall, while the beautiful Kannon gazes at us as if he/she could approach at any moment. When I faced the Kannon, at that instant, I felt as if the large peonies were blooming from the halo, welcoming us with a soft and gentle breeze. I endeavored to capture this imagery, which came into my mind, in my work titled "Blossoms of Hase Temple".

長谷寺 奉納式

2020. 12. 6

Dedication Ceremony at Hasedera Temple

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