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​天台寺門宗 総本山 三井寺

作品: ​「三井寺 如意輪の導き」

The Head Temple of the Jimon Branch of Tendai Buddhism

Miidera Temple, Otsu

Artwork: "Divine Guidance of Nyoirin Kannon"

奉納作品:​「三井寺 如意輪の導き」

Tribute Artwork: "Divine Guidance of Nyoirin Kannon"


Titile : 三井寺 如意輪の導き / Divine Guidance of Nyoirin Kannon
Size : 1000mm x 830mm
Material : Acrylic and gold on canvas

三井寺さんの観音堂は西国三十三所観音霊場 第十四番札所で、この観音堂のご本尊様は、如意輪観音様です。



特別公開に合わせて、三井寺さんの国宝 金堂にて個展を開催させていただくこととなり、そのご縁で観音堂の如意輪観音様を描かせていただくこととなりました。





    The Kannon Hall of Miidera Temple is the 14th temple on the 33-temple Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage . The principal image housed in this hall is the Nyoirin Kannon. It is a hidden Buddha statue that is only unveiled once every 33 years. The Nyoirin Kannon was unveiled to the public in March 2020 to coincide with the accession to the throne of His Majesty the Emperor. In conjunction with this special event, I was invited to hold a private exhibition in the Kondo Hall, a national treasure of Miidera Temple, and to paint the Nyoirin Kannon in the Kannondo Hall.

I did not aim to reproduce or copy the actual Nyoirin Kannon statue, which resides in the Miidera Temple hall. Instead, I aimed to capture the emotions and imagery evoked by the Nyoirin Kannon, drawing inspiration from my experiences at Miidera Temple, the sentiments of its people, and the rich history and legends surrounding it.


In this work, I depicted Nyoirin Kannon of Miidera Temple descending to the foot of Lake Biwa, riding on a lotus floating on the surface of the water, and softly emerging through the lingering morning mist, offering mercy and guidance. The robe, necklace, and crown of jewels are portrayed as if fluttering in rhythm with the gentle movement of Kannon. While the design of the large, gorgeous crown is faithfully reproduced, it is slightly enlarged beyond its actual size to accentuate its splendor.


As you ascend the stairs to the Kannon Hall of Miidera Temple, you can gaze down upon the vast Lake Biwa. In ancient times, one could observe both Lake Biwa and travelers passing by on the Tokaido Road from the original location of the Kannondo. Originally, the Kannon Hall was constructed in Hanano-tani, near the peak of Mount Nagara. However, it was later relocated lower down the mountain to increase accessibility for people.

Hearing this story, I found myself pondering whether Kannon might have descended to the foot of Lake Biwa, drawn by a need to be closer to the people, to offer salvation, and to provide guidance.

三井寺 観音堂 奉納式

2020. 3. 17

Dedication Ceremony at Miidera Temple


ご即位奉祝 西国札所ご本尊御開帳記念品

Commemorative Gift for the Ceremony

⚫︎ご即位奉祝 西国札所ご本尊御開帳記念品 三井寺たまゆら

Miidera Temple Tamayura

ご即位奉祝 西国札所ご本尊御開帳記念品.jpg

「三井寺 如意輪の導き」グッズ

"Divine Guidance of Nyoirin Kannon" Goods

⚫︎三井寺 絵馬

Votive Picture Tablets

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