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高野山 天風てらす

作品: ​「あまねく照らす」

Koyasan Tempu Terrace

Artwork: "Luminous Light"


Artwork: "Luminous Light"


Titile : あまねく照らす / Luminous Light
Size : 970mm x 1940mm
Material : Acrylic and gold on canvas






ー  人間、木、草花、水、石、など、存在する全て、森羅万象が大日如来様のいのちであり、大日如来様という大宇宙と一体である。

石楠花や、私たちひとりひとりも大日如来様のいのちである。  ー

Tempu Terrace imbued its name with a dual significance. Firstly, it evokes the conventional notion of a terrace. Secondly, in Japanese, there exists the word 'Terasu', pronounced similarly to 'Terrace', which conveys the meaning of 'to shine upon' or 'to illuminate'.

The creation of Tempu Terrace was driven by a profound aspiration to establish a sanctuary where visitors' hearts are illuminated with radiant light of the sun and  Dainichi Nyorai Buddha.

The requests for the artwork for Tempu Terrace involved incorporating rhododendrons, emblematic of Koyasan, and portraying Dainichi Nyorai Buddha, the primary deity of Shingon Buddhism, believed to embody the true essence of the universe and absolute truth.

I have visited Koyasan many times, but had never experienced it during the rhododendron season. Therefore, I took my time touring Koyasan to coincide with the blooming of the rhododendrons.

I visited the inner sanctuary of Koyasan, including Kongobuji Temple, Danjo Temple, and Kongosamai-in. There, I immersed myself in the deeply engraved prayers that persist to this day, while also reveling in the sight of rhododendrons blooming everywhere and the breathtaking beauty of nature.

- Everything in the universe, including human beings, trees, plants, flowers, water, and stones, constitutes the life of Dainichi Nyorai and is unified within Dainichi Nyorai's universe.

The rhododendrons, as well as each of us, also embody the life of Dainichi Nyorai. -

With this in mind, I depicted the overflowing blooming and blessing of the rhododendrons like the halo of Dainichi Nyorai Buddha.

高野山 天風てらす 内覧会の様子

2023. 4. 26

Koyasan Tempu Terrace Opening Event


高野山 天風てらす グランドオープン

2023. 4. 30

Koyasan Tempu Terrace Grand Opening Ceremony


高野山 天風てらす 限定商品

Koyasan Tempu Terrace Limited Edition

⚫︎天風てらす x 木綿花 コラボレーション御朱印

Tempu Terrace x Youka Collaboration Stampbook for Temples and Shrines



Tempu Terrace Tamayura Bells

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