In Praise of the Sacred Lotus
and the World It Enlightens

Painting x Poetry x Shō pipes x Sound x Kamakura 
14:00 doors open / 14:30 start 
Performance time ~ 90 minutes
Place: Jochiji Temple in Kita-Kamakura(〒247-0062 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Yamanouchi, 1402)
Entry: 2000¥(+200¥ temple entry fee)

Inspired by the iconic Buddhist paintings of contemporary Kamakura-based artist Youka Kokotama, poets Chris Mosdell and Jordan Smith will perform a modern haibun narrative based on the imagery surrounding the “Sacred Lotus”. Growing from the mud to emerge and bloom in all its spectacular radiance, the flower is the perfect motif of Buddhist enlightenment and symbolically the muse for this event. Set in the beautiful surrounds of the Jochiji Temple in Kamakura, live accompaniment on the shō pipes (used in gagaku court music) will be provided by the famed Tokiko Ihara from Nara and the environmental sound engineer Samuel André from France via Kyoto.

The performance setting will feature a selection of paintings by Youka Kokotama on display. As a token of appreciation each member the audience will receive a dried bloom of blue lotus, together with a poem and an image from Youka’s collection.

Youka Kokotama


New York Universityを卒業後、2014年の初個展をスタートに表参道、鎌倉、京都、ニューヨークなどで作品を発表している。色彩豊かな感性と表現力で、仏教という概念を超えた祈りの心と調和の観音を描く。 様々な分野のアーティストとのコラボレーションやお寺との企画も積極的に取り組んでいる。現在は自身のkokotama galleryを拠点に活動している。

Youka is an artist who specializes in contemporary Buddhist painting. After graduating from NYU, she held her first exhibition in Omotesando, followed with Kamakura, Kyoto, and New York. With a rich, colorful palette and keenly expressive sensibility, she depicts Bodhisattva with the spirit of prayer and harmony that seek to transcend Buddhism as a concept. She has collaborated with artists of diverse media, and remains dedicated to her work in creating commissioned works of art for temples. Her current center of operations is her kokotama gallery in Kamakura.
Instagram: @kokotama_youka

Chris Mosdell


ユキハヤシ・ニューカーク詩人賞、コロラド州ボルダーの文学祭詩人部門金賞。作詞家としてマイケル・ジャクソン、エリック・クラプトン、サラ・ブライトマン、ボーイ・ジョージ、坂本龍一、YMOなどに彼の詞がレコーディングされ、またガンダム、攻殻機動隊、カウボーイ・ビーバップなどのアニメのサウンドトラックにも詞を提供している。著書に『Splatterhead: The Songlines of Chris Mosdell』(2001)、『City of Song: The Incendiary Arias』 (2005)、『 The Kantocles: Songs from the Atomic Aisles』(2013)、『The City that Silk Built』(2016)などがある。

Lyricist/poet Chris Mosdell is the winner of the Yuki Hayashi-Newkirk Poetry Prize, the Tokyo Music Festival’s Gold Prize, and the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Boulder, Colorado, Festival of Literature. His lyrics have been recorded by Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman, Boy George, Ryuichi Sakamoto and YMO amongst others, and included in the anime soundtracks to Gundam, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. His publications include Splatterhead: The Songlines of Chris Mosdell (2001), City of Song: The Incendiary Arias (2005) and The Kantocles: Songs from the Atomic Aisles (2013) and The City that Silk Built (2016)

Jordan A. Y. Smith


スミス・A・Y・ジョーダンは多言語を行き渡って詩を詠み、また詩そして散文の翻訳者でも活躍。東京にて文学作品の翻訳者として活躍する一方で、比較文学の教授でもある。共著『√IC:Redux』(カニエナハ、永方祐樹;2018)。「東京ポエトリー・ジャーナル」の編集者の一人でもあり、翻訳と批評を通じて大都市の詩の世界の橋渡しの役目も担っている。世界初「平成時代でデビューした詩人たちを紹介する特集「Heisei Generations」(Tokyo Poetry Journal)を編集。彼の作品は「現代詩手帖」「日米女性ジャーナル」「Comparative Literature Studies」 等で発表されている。吉増剛造、最果タヒ、水田宗子、文月悠光、アルベルト・フゲット、の作品をはじめ、多くの詩人・小説家の作品の翻訳も務めている。

Jordan A. Y. Smith writes poetry between Japanese and English, translates poetry and prose, and is a professor of comparative literature and literary translation in Tokyo. Co-author of poetry volume √IC: Redux with Kanie Naha and Nagae Yūki (2018). He also edits Tokyo Poetry Journal, bridging the poetic worlds of the metropolis through translation and criticism. Editor of special issue of Tokyo Poetry Journal, “Heisei Generations”, introducing poets who debuted during the Heisei era. His writings have appeared in journals such as Gendai-shi Techo, U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, and Comparative Literature Studies. He has translated works by Yoshimasu Gōzō, Saihate Tahi, Mizuta Noriko, Fuzuki Yumi, Alberto Fuguet and dozens more.
Instagram: @jordangiraffe
Twitter: @jordan28jordan1

Photo by Zoria April